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We are Amy, Abby, and Timothy, a family that have been animal lovers since we were each very young. Through the years our pets have included Birds, Dogs, Cats, Fish, Mice, Ferrets, a Rabbit, an Iquana, Nutes, Salamanders, Fire Belly Toads, an Argentinian Horned Toad, Water Turtles, a Russian Tortoise, a Horse, and of course Hamsters. 

We have always made it a priority to learn everything we could about each and every pet we have ever owned. Our belief is that once you decide to adopt or purchase an animal then you are giving it the promise that you will take the VERY BEST care of it that you can. We feel it is a serious responsibility to study about the individual food, shelter, habitat, health, and social needs of every animal you care for. And also that it is imperative to know it is a never ending lesson from the changes that come with each pets age progression. One thing you will find for certain is that if you have more than one pet of the same type of animal you can rest assured each will have it’s very own likes, needs, and personality. Learn as much as you can and be aware of your pets normal daily habits. Then if you see changes be open to not only search for answers, but also to find groups/forums with the same pets and join them. You will find a wealth of information there as well as be able to ask questions to people that know what you are experiencing. It is also a great way to share photos and information about your pet with like minded owners.

This business started out of a passion of our own which is insuring our pets are enjoying their life. It’s amazing what a difference there is when a pet is happy and healthy. The interaction is much calmer and more enjoyable for everyone. We try to make sure they get good nutrition, that their habitats are safe and fun, and of course that there is always plenty of snuggle time. We have found over the years that it is not always easy to find fun and safe wooden products for our small furry friends. England and Germany have some of the most amazing products we’ve ever seen. However it is next to impossible to get any of them over here to the United States. We have seen a few in the U.S. that build some very nice products also, but our ideas just weren’t out there.

So we set off to build a few of our personal ideas for our own fuzzies and as pictures started being seen on the internet we got a lot of positive feedback from others around the globe. One thing led to another and we decided to try and make a serious attempt at building products that are safe, fun, intriguing for both the pets and their humans, and available in America. We haven’t been able to show many of our ideas yet but they will continue to come as we progress and we really look forward to building them. Please check back now and again to see what new products we build and remember to leave us a message here if there is something particular you are looking for and can not find anywhere else.

Little Critter Comforts - Building Custom Wooden Products for Dwarf Hamsters, Syrian Hamsters, Chinese Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice, Rats, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, and other small animals.