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Moo was a Dwarf Hamster and our “Special Boy” who lived to the ripe old age of 3. Although we had many other hamsters before him, he taught us the most and started our path to understanding the needs of these Little Critters.

You see, Moo had a health condition that caused us to really start doing a lot of research on all aspects of health, housing, and care for hamsters. With that we researched everything we could find, joined small animal groups, and asked as many questions as we could. It actually allowed us to see that many small animals are in need of not only proper size, but safe, fun, and exciting products. We found that to be especially true here in the United States.

We feel that we were truly blessed to have Moo because even through all his difficulties he was the sweetest little guy you’d ever meet. No matter what else was going on he loved to snuggle and let you know just how much personality and love all these little critters actually have. So with that we made Moo our Founder, because without him none of this would have ever happened.